Siege Teaser with Spider-man

Posted by bps 07 November 2009

Siege is supposed to be the next big event that will take place in the Marvel Universe, after Dark Reign. I'm guessing soon after Norman fails to complete his final task on the list, his reign will come to an end. And there after we'll have Siege.

Isn't it funny how us readers know that Norman Osborn is going to fall from power soon. Yet he goes about trying to gain power. I wonder what Deadpool is thinking. After all, Deadpool himself knows he's in a comic doesn't he?

Below is the teaser for what will come in 'Siege.' It's obvious Spider-man does not die in Dark Reign -The list


A buff Spider-man holding the goblin's mask behind a wall splattered with blood.

Check out the Siege Trailer from Marvel below



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