Spider-man: Clone Saga 2 of 6

Posted by bps 03 November 2009

Spider-man: Clone Saga 2 - To start with, the cover of this issue has absolutely nothing to do with the comic's story. This second installment to the new, improved, and original Clone Saga has seemed to jumped a few steps ahead from where Clone Saga # 1 left off. The story moves extremely quickly, possibly too quickly.

In this second issue, Ben Reilly has already taken on a new identity - the Scarlet Spider. As the preview implies, Ben Reilly has moved on to another part of town, has a job, and is being followed by Kaine. It is interesting how Kaine, although bigger, stronger, and with heightened senses, still has a streak of Peter's habits. For example - trying to make jokes while fighting.

Before this issue, Peter has never met Kaine before. As such neither he, nor Ben know that Kaine is in fact another clone of Peter Parker. The preview ends with Mary Jane not feeling so good. The next scene, reveals that Mary Jane has already broken the news about her pregnancy to Peter.

While Peter thinks that MJ's health is a result of her pregnancy, the doctor thinks otherwise. Mary Jane is later diagnosed with the same genetic condition as Aunt May. How strange since MJ and Aunt May are not the least bit related.

The thing about Kaine is that he is Peter. He has feelings and emotions. Thus, when his heightened Spider sense give him visions of an ill Mary Jane, he decides to go all out against his boss. ( its related you see)

Ben visits Mary Jane and Peter. Peter and Ben later come to the conclusion that there is someone behind Mary Jane and Aunt May's condition. Kaine appears, offering help as he knows who is behind this (his boss obviously). After a very quick fight, the three team up and follow Kaine.

The story ends with the Jackal, who was most probably Kaine's boss all along, capturing the Peters by releasing a gas that affects Peter's DNA. It is only at this point that Peter learns Kaine is another clone of himself.

So, what is motivating this Jackal character against Peter? He wants to create an army of clones that will help him rule the world. In case you did not know, Jackal is the crook who began the cloning in the first place.

Personal thoughts
World domination has to be one of the oldest objectives of all villains. So much so, that it is not even common to comic characters, except for a few weird ones, like the Jackal. Check out the scan below.

It is neat that Kaine still exhibits feelings behind what makes him a bad guy. It reinstates that he is still 'Peter Parker.' Although the story of this issue is not quite impressive, due to the rush through events, the characters involves are admirable.

Most people read Spider-man, not only because of the story, but because of the character of the characters - namely Peter and Mary Jane. It is not in every comic that you find such character. This of course leads to another topic of why making the deal with Mephisto was a bad idea.

Mary Jane and Aunt may clones?

We have to keep in mind that this clone saga miniseries is not going to go in the same direction as the original. As such, there will have to be room for new stuff. Some of this new stuff could include Mary Jane diagnosed with the same problem as Aunt May. I am unsure of the what was originally intended on their first clone saga. Could it be possible that MJ and Aunt May are clones here? From this issue, it is obvious that the Jackal was behind causing Aunt May and MJ to fall ill. A cloned MJ and Aunt May could explain quite a bit here, no?

Anyhow, one good thing for sure is that the Clone Saga # 3 begins exactly where this issue ends. Click the link to check out the preview.


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