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Posted by bps 02 November 2009

Okay. Solely because of the Felicia's appearance in Amazing Spider-man # 606, I began following the recent Marvel Divas miniseries. Since then, there have been several entries regarding some thoughts towards Felicia - the Black Cat.

In this final entry, for Marvel Divas, I will make my final opinions on the Black Cat, judging from the Marvel Divas miniseries.

In the 'More thoughts on the Black Cat # 1, it was implied to the readers, like myself that Felicia had gone back to stealing jewels as part of the way she would raise funds to open Cat's Eye Investigation.
Marvel Divas # 4 explains how exactly, Felicia managed to obtain the funds to open her little business. See the panel below.

And so here we see Felicia, borrowing money from the King Pin in order to open her business. I really do not see why she did not just borrow from Puma, who was willing to give her the money.

Now, the question, of which Spider-man never got the answer still remains. Who was it that the Black Cat was working for when she bumped into Spider-man.

Felicia never wanted to tell Spidey who it was she was working for. Could it be because she had made some kind of deal with Fisk? Could it be possible that Felicia's boss, from the panel below is in fact the King Pin?

Spidey would not really like that if he found out now would he?

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