Sins Past addressed in Dark Avengers # 11?

Posted by bps 28 October 2009

So I do not usually, and have not been following the Dark Avengers. However, there has been some recent hype about Dark Avengers # 10 with the return of Mephisto. I have not yet read it, but I believe fans are hoping to see One More Day addresses in the next issue - Dark Avengers # 11

Here is a quick summary for what happened in Dark Avengers # 10 by Combustible Pumpkins on the Spider-man reviews discussion board.

To sum it up, folks were disappearing in a small town so Norman sent the Sentry over where he mysteriously disappears. Norman arrives shortly afterward with Hammer and the rest of the DA only for them to disappear as well. Last scene Norman's in front of five or six villains who were mostly cosmically or mystically powered, one of them being Mesphito. A lot of us were hoping the OMD deal would turn out a big event to straighten out BND's continuity since it's in quite a mess now.

Anyhow, I checked out the preview for Dark Avengers # 11 and saw this image

Although there is no dialogue in this preview, much like the previews for the Clone Saga, we can obviously tell that they will be addressing Gwen Stacy and her pregnancy from Norman, which as we know, resulted in the goblin twins being born. ( Sins Past )

For those of you who do not know, Sins Past was series before One more Day. In this series, it was revealed that Norman Osborn had sex with Gwen, who gave birth to two kids later. Obviously before she died.

These kids had abnormal growth due to the Goblin blood in them. They grew up faster than normal, were raised secretly by Norman to believe that Peter/ Spider-man and killed their mother. It was a very interesting, but controversial title.

As we know, since BND, no one, including Norman remembers Spider-man's identity. As such, there is no good reason why he would have killed Gwen Stacy. (Goblin killed Gwen as a way to get to Peter aka Spider-man).

Now that he no longer remembers, he must be confused as to the reason he killed her. The image above shows a floating pregnant Gwen, and Norman Osborn aka the green goblin aka leader of the Dark Avengers, in a Spider-man costume! How cool is that?

I will be getting this comic, and if it is worth reviewing, there will be a review up soon.


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