Peter Parker/ Mary Jane relationship - Pre OMD

Posted by bps 27 October 2009

So, I was just browsing through a comic thread over at the CBR forum. I came across a topic regarding the JMS run prior to OMD. In the thread,there were some scans that brought back to mind why I liked Pre -BND so much.

Of course, there was a more responsible Peter Parker ( I suppose it comes with being married as well), who's situation in life was much different to the current one. I am not here to criticize the current BND run. The new story is completely different from the old one, and does have its own interesting stories.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that there is much to miss from the old, married Spider-man character. Here I will be highlighting his relationship with Mary Jane - one of the many reasons Anti BND fans are Anti BND. Check out this panel below.

I do not remember what was the situation in this comic. But obviously, Peter is not gonna be cheating on Mary Jane with a scantily dressed seducer girl. Let me see, who is it that this chic here reminds me of? White hair, blue eyes, appeared in ASM 606, sound familiar?

Now check out this scan below. This is what happens when you make jokes about Mary Jane. I do recall reading this, just forgot what issue it was. It was obviously during the time that Spider-man and family were staying at the Stark tower.

In the panels above, Mary Jane must have done something really bad, that I do not remember. Wolverine then makes some unnecessary comment and out he goes the unbreakable window.

Well, I hope Marvel restores this marriage at some point. In the mean time, we're back to Brand New Day. Peter is single, Mary Jane is last seen looking at Spidey and Black Cat making out, and Kaine back in town.

ps. I wonder if the new Aunt May even remembers living in the Stark Tower. Does she remember her crush of some sort aka Jarvis?


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