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Posted by bps 26 October 2009

In the past, we have seen a number of different suits that Spider-man has worn, other than his classic red and blue costume.

In this entry, I just decided to run through the different Spider-man suit from the 1960's to 2009.

First, we have the original Spider-man suit, with his little webs under his armpit. I suppose this was supposed to help him fly a little? The colors of the suit, in the Spider-man movie were supposed to represent Mary Jane's red hair and blue eyes.

Does anyone know what inspired this weird costume to start with? I am unsure if there was a comic where he designed the costume.

Of course in the comics, we all know that this was not his inspiration for the costume. Even if it were, Mary Jane has green eyes. Eventually, the little spider-webs we're removed as art progressed, although I occasionally still do see some art with it.

This red and blue suit has, and is the most common Spider-man costume, that Peter Parker will most probably always end up using. Even his daughter, Spider-girl, in the alternate universe uses this same costume. Which to me is ridiculous.

The next costume, used by Spider-man is of course the symbiote costume. This was a very cool costume, that not only changed Spider-man's image, but his personality as well. Even after he got rid of the Symbiote, he still made a similar black costume to swing around in. He eventually put the costume away because his wife - Mary Jane, did not like it as it aroused bad memories.

Spider-man did not wear this costume again until after Civil War, in a series called Back in Black, when he was no longer a registered super hero, but a wanted good guy. After Aunt May was shot, he was out to get revenge- even more a reason for the black costume. He began to slip away from his morals in a way due to his mental distraught .

In the recent American Son series, Mr Fantastic made Spider-man a black suit that to guise himself as Venom, who was part of the dark avengers, pretending to be Spider-man. Confusing isn't it? This suit was made of.. something unreal and extra fantastic. Norman Osborn had the hardest time taking Spidey's mask off.

Here Sue is explaining what the suit is made of - smart cloth

Are the words too small to read? Well, Norman's just saying something extremely scientific. Describing what he thinks the suit is made of.

Anyways, before all this, during Civil War, Iron Man made the coolest suit yet. The Iron-Spdiey suit. This suit was fit with a whole lot of new upgrades. Such included some extra poison legs that come out from his back, and the ability to glide. Although made of iron, the suit was light and flexible like. Eventually, it was destroyed as Spider-man was escaping from Iron man and gang. Read Civil war for that.

Another suit, that Spider-man wears in the future in one designed by some guy. I do not remember completely, but I do remember, in one issue where Spider-man visits a costume designer. He designs a costume for Spider-man and gives him his number to call in case he ever wants it. Later on in the comic, Spider-man goes somewhere in the future, when he is old. He sees his future self wearing the costume designed buy the guy earlier. I absolutely love this costume.

I could not find a better image of the costume online. So here it is. Sweet and Simple. Regardless, here is the latest on a real life Spider-man suit being created. Read the abstract below.

A fully-working prototype of a suit that would enable people to climb walls and sling webs like comic book hero Spider-Man could be just ten years away.

Italian researchers say they have developed a new method for creating a surface-gripping material that mimics "spider silk" and imitates carbon nanotubes.

Read more here.
Hope you enjoyed the entry.


I forgot to add the Captain Universe Suit that Spider-Man uses, or becomes when he was Captain Universe here

See Spider-Man Costumes pt 2


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