Amazing Spider-Man # 609

Posted by bps 23 October 2009

A comic that looks better than its cover is exactly what Amazing Spider-man # 609 is. As a reader, if I had not been following the story from the last issue, I would not pick this comic, judging from its cover. As can be seen below, the cover is not all that attractive. Spider-man swinging, (eyes at his nose) above some creep.

Fortunately, unlike the cover, this comic is once again near perfect. Guggenheim is doing an awesome job here. Art is again consistent with issue 608. Spidey, and even Peter has this cool Batman/serious look. Peter Parker, as we all know, does not take the safety of his loved ones lightly. Similarly, this comic is no different as Peter gets 'serious' when those close to him are in danger. As in # 608, the story shifts from present time to past, revealing more background information to the relationship between Ben Reilly and Damon Ryder in the past.


From the preview, we know that Kaine is looking for Raptor because he believes that Damen can help his deteriorating condition. Issue # 608 left off with Ben, not very pleased when he found out that Ryder had been experimenting on himself with Dinosaur DNA. As a result he ties Ryder up and quickly goes to get some help. He hopes to find someone who can sedate Ryder and flush out the Dino-DNA in him. We see Kaine's shadowy figure in the background, listening to the conversation between Ben and Ryder as they fight.

Returning to where the preview left off, Kaine is still fighting Spidey. The fight ends with Kaine stating how Peter would react in the exact same fashion as he is, if he were in Kaine's position.
And yes, Kaine knows Peter's identity. He then tosses a cab at Spider-man and makes a run for it. While catching the cab, Spider-man hears Screwball on the radio calling for Spider-man's attention. Apparently she wants to meet him since her hits on her website rocket sky high whenever they meet.

Honestly, I do not see any necessity in bringing Screwball into the picture here. However, there may be a purpose for it all later.

On a more important note, Peter returns to his apartment and gets a little frantic as he thinks Raptor may have hurt Michelle. Ironically, Raptor did not hurt Michelle at all. He simply used her to get some information on where the Reilly's were staying. He also left a little gift for Peter - a dirty stuffed toy.

We later see Damon's kid playing with that same toy in the Ben Reilly flashback. The comic takes us back Ben Reilly, who has found some help. Unfortunately, he returns to the lab with Damon no where to be found. It is interesting that there is some reference to Raptor, being similar to Stegron - an old dinosaur like villain ( below).

Obviously he is much more dinosaur that Raptor. Although Raptor is not too far from getting there. Read this

Ben Reilly, then puts on his 'no-nonsense mask' and storms toward Ryder's home. Apparently, Ryder has mutated into some 'big jawed' dino-man. Outside of Ryder's home is Kaine observing Reilly.

Coming back to Peter, he too, has his 'no nonsense mask' on. After all, tehy are the same person. As mentioned, Peter's protective character over his loved ones is really shown here. He arrives at his aunt's house to find everyone held hostage. In the final scene we see our hero, ready to reveal his alter-ego to save his best friend and cousins, as revealed in the panel below.

Personal comments:

This is exactly the type of 'Serious Batman no-nonsense' mask that Peter puts on when those close to him are in danger. Due to the situation change (the bad guy is after Peter, not Spidey) we no longer have our harmless Peter Parker. Instead we will be having some serious action coming from the man without his mask!

He obviously is not afraid to reveal his identity if it means safety for those around him from
the Raptor.

Peter also leaves Michelle more clueless as his final words to her are ' Stay in a hotel tonight.'

According to an interview with Bob Gale,
there will be an issue centered around Michelle soon. I'm looking forward to see what Marvel will do with this character.

In this issue, we see quite a fair bit of Kaine sneaking around Ryder's house, spying on Reilly. It seems more possible that Kaine may have been the one to kill Ryder's family.

Overall personal rating: A


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