Ultimate Alliance 2

Posted by bps 12 October 2009

Ultimate Alliance 2 - the sequel to the PS2 game Ultimate alliance. A simple game in which a group of marvel heroes join alliances and fight the enemy.

Ultimate Alliance 2 is a mixture of the recent events in the Marvel Universe. i.e Secret War and Civil war.

Image above: Player's can download Carnage for $2

The game begins with Nick Fury leading a group of heroes, (including Spider-man)to take down the prime minister, who has been supplying villians with dangerous technology.

Like most team up games, players are allowed to choose what players to will be in their super squad. Players can swap between 24 marvel heroes and villians.

At some point of the game, a civil war will break out amongst the heroes, as in the comics. Depending on which side is chosen, access to certain heroes will then be denied.

Check out the review video below from gametrailers.com.

Video Games | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 | Review
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