More thoughts on Black Cat # 2

Posted by bps 09 October 2009

This is my second entry in regards to some thoughts on the Black Cat. The first can be found here. Just to pen down more things about the Black Cat that I found rather interesting. From reading Marvel Diva's # 2, its pretty clear that Felicia can remember that she used to date Peter Parker - a photographer.

Check out the image below.

At the same time, we know that she still remembers dating Spider-man, but is unable to recall his secret identity ( ASM # 606 ). Weird..

Mephisto must have really messed with her brain when he did the mind wipe.

On another note, its much more refreshing to read Felicia in Marvel Divas then it is in Amazing Spider-man. In ASM, she's like a care free playgirl. In Marvel Divas its different. She is portrayed as a more mature character. She basically wants to reopen Cat eye investigation, but does not have the funds. She is very hesitant to resort to stealing. Even more interesting is that Puma knew that all along (while dating her), that she still carried a soft spot for Spidey.

Check out the image below from Marvel Divas # 3

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