Spider-man: Clone Saga # 1 of 6

Posted by bps 07 October 2009

Spider-man: Clone Saga retold has to be the most awaited comic there is. It's refreshing to read a good old fashion comic, retold that was based in the 90's. Spider-man comics in the 90's were cleaner and simpler. Art in this particular issue is spectacular and consistent in my opinion.

This new version of the Clone Saga is written as it was originally intended. The story begins with a brief introduction of what happened prior to these events - Peter's Parents return, Harry Osborn's death, maximum carnage, aunt may in hospital and etc.

This comic brings Ben Reilly, Peter Parker's, pretty much perfect clone, complete with his memories, back to New York upon hearing that Aunt May is in hospital.

Remember, Ben has all of Peter's memories, including that of Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

In the meantime, we see Mary Jane having some ' unknown' problems with her own health that she is not telling Peter about. In the background we also see a shady, 'unknown' figure following Spider-man.

The new clone saga wastes no time, unlike the original. Ben explains how he did not die when they last met. Peter however has a hard time believing that. The two fight for a brief period and quickly befriend one another. It is implied that the 'shady figure' is one of Ben's enemies whom he thinks followed him to NY, and is giving him problems.

The 'shady crook' later comes out of the shade, although his identity is not revealed in the comic.(but we know from his suit that its Kaine) The real crook in the story is however, siting back on his chair monitoring everything that is going on.. as usual. ( depicted below )

Personal opinion

I think this is a 90% perfect comic. The remaining 10% include things like the bad guy monitoring everything from a screen. How is it that all bad guys have a nice screen for them to monitor?

Another note is that there was no American idol back in the 90's. The art, as I mentioned is perfect. Mary Jane is drawn just as she was back in the 90's - with the whole hairdo deal. Its great to read a comic with MJ as Mrs Parker.

Below: MJ from the original Clone Saga in the 90's

Below: MJ from the New Clone Saga

Pretty similar huh? Good job

I like Ben Reilly as a character. Slightly lost, rejected character, yet good. Then again anybody who knows their a clone would feel that way.

Overall rating : 9/10.
Buying all 6 of these issues will be worth the investment.


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