Spider-man review: flashback

Posted by bps 30 September 2009

While waiting for the Amazing Spider-Man #607 issue to be released I decided to take a look at some old issues -before and devil came into the picture and turned things upside down.

Over the years, Spider-man had developed and grown as a character. From the initial high school kid, to college, to marriage, having marriage problems, landing a job as a teacher, revealing his identity to Aunt May.

Peter Parker has taken many many years to grow a number of years older. Some people did not like the idea of a grown Spider-man. As such, recently they have changed the Spider-man story what we know as One More Day. The reason for doing this was because Marvel wanted Peter to keep his image as a struggling, unlucky guy, who is single.

I will not take sides and argue as to whether or not this was a good decision. Not on this website at least. But personally, I would have liked to see Spider-man develop as a character, and yes, even grow old. An old Peter Parker does not mean that there has to be an old Spider-man.

Marvel is highly capable of introducing a successor if needed. After erasing the marriage, we know that anything is possible.

Below is an image taken from an issue where Spider-man goes into the future and sees himself... and yes, he is old. Personally, I like the suit with the jacket.

This is how I would have preferred Spider-man to age. Ultimate Spider-man,the newer comic series in which Peter Parker is back in high school (just not as nerdy as the original), can do all the single guy stuff. It would have been good to see the Marvel Universe 616, Spider-man mature and progress.

Anyway, this is just a quick look into the past and what could have developed from the Amazing Spider-man comic. Not to mention a happily ever after life of some sort for the hero.

Here we have Peter thanking God for his wife, Mary Jane in bed. No wonder, Mephisto wanted to end the marriage. And so ends the happily ever after..for now.

In the meantime, back in real time, the single, depressed Spider-man is hoping to get another chance with the Black Cat! Coming in issue ASM # 607 tomorrow.

Peter Parker - Mary Jane = Desperate, lost guy who is thinking of hooking up with a woman who does not like Peter Parker.


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