In issue # 606, Black Cat has obviously gone through some character regression. For eg. She is back to stealing jewels.

Why is she back to stealing Jewels?

Well, in Marvel Diva's it seems that Black Cat wanted to set up some business called Cats eye investigation.

Unfortunately, she did not have the money. Puma wanted to finance her, but thanks to her female ego, she did not want to take it.

My opinion is that she is a thief again, trying to steal enough jewels to start her little business.

Read this, from Marvel Divas:

and this from ASM #606

Another strange thing I noticed in ASM # 606. Is that Felicia had green eyes. Doesn't she normally have blue eyes. Here is an image from Marvel Divas vs the picture of Black Cat from ASM # 606

Image from marvel divas: Blue eyes

Image from ASM # 606 : green eyes

not to mention, in the Amazing Spider-Man #607 coverpage she has blue eyes as well

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Who is the Black Cat?
Felicia Hardy. She is hot, very shallow, loves Spider-man, but not Peter Parker. At one point she was beginning to change her character to on that actually cares. At current, she's forgotten who Spider-man's secret identity is ( How is that even possible?) and it appears she is back to her old self.

In this comic, she denotes Spidey as "only good in the sack." That pretty much explains a bit about their past now doesn't it? Spider-man used to date her until she found out his identity and broke up. As I mentioned, she was, and is not into Peter Parker. She is a good crook.

Why does Peter like her?
Why wouldn't he? She's hot, smooth, sexy, and wants him. Unfortunately, there isn't much more to the Black Cat apart from her physical aspect. Although there are times in past comics where she does actually care about Spider-man.

Spoiler Summary

It starts, as in the preview, with Madam Web. Peter, in the meantime is having problems with the girls - Michelle, Norah, and MJ. MJ only had good intentions of breaking some ice with Peter. The preview explains what happened there. He's becoming a lil like archie now don't you think?

Next scene, Spider-man is taking out his frustrations on a poor mugger. When more bad luck fall upon him... before he can mention" Brand New Day." How queer. At this seen, the artists chooses to zoom in on a gargoyle/ demon type statue. Interesting huh?

When he bumps into the Black Cat. She is on a 'mission' of some sort. They chat about their previous relationship. Apparently Peter's breath gets choppy when he's horny and the Black Cat's breath get choppy when she tells the truth. Whatever.. this is useful info to understand image I posted below

We find out that the place they are breaking into belongs to Dexter Bennet. We find a 'stoned' corpse in his house and then *boom* out comes some felon called Diablo. There is an explosion in the place and Spider-man jumps out.

It still bugs me as to what happened to the bad guy. But the next thing we know, Black cat walks out just fine and walks off with a book.

Do not forget, the Black Cat is still some kind of a bad guy. She may have something to do with it.

Anyway, Spider-man gets all dramatic and chases after her. Looks like he forgot about the bad guy too. DUMB. It ends with Peter knowing fully well he shouldn't be kissing Felicia. But after the terrible day he's just had, he decides to give in to his body, and face whatever happens next.

Also, this whole Spidey/ Black cat romance in being recorded on tv.. Live. And guess who sees it.

Check out the scene below.

This issue is all about Spider-man not using his brain. He just foolishly falls for the Black Cats sex appeal =p Obviously Spider-man is gonna regret this later on. We'll see what happens.

It is sad for MJ though. She is the only one who really loves Peter,besides Aunt May. If I hadn't read what MJ was doing in LA in Amazing Spider-Man # 605, I would not like this issue. But since Mary Jane could date someone else. I think Peter should be allowed this dance.

Just try reading this comic without thinking about One More Day.


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