Anti Venom: New ways to live # 1

Posted by bps 19 September 2009

This is a short, but interesting comic. The story takes us through the eyes of the now reformed Eddie Brock. As Venom, he desired to kill. Now, as the Anti-Venom, he desires to heal others.

He's basically a good guy so to speak. Like everyone else, he has an angel and a devil on his shoulders. Although he wants to do good, he still carries his evil nature to kill.

The girl in the preview apparently hold quite a soft spot in Anti-Venom's heart. Her name is Jenna. She has been helping Anti-Venom bust the bad guys ( in a way)

Jenna is not entirely an innocent. It is clear that she is involved in some things as well - former druggie etc. Nevertheless, she is good, like how Eddie is good now. The story shows us Anti-Venom busting a number of baddies.

On one occasion, the Punisher comes in just before Eddie makes his move. The two team up up till the point that Punisher learns that Anti-Venom is actually Eddie Brock - a former, very dangerous murderer.

At this point, everyone who knows anything about the Punisher knows what happens.


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