Amazing spider-man # 605 review

Posted by bps 18 September 2009

This very long comic involves three different stories.

The first story: Mary Jane

From the preview, we can see that the first story is about Mary Jane and her reasons for coming back to New York. The story was interesting and informing. It explained things like the reason Peter and her broke up. Essentially, we find out that she had been living with a superstar, Bobby Carr. This is the same Bobby Carr that MJ was getting in bed with in the earlier issues after Brand New Day.

To be fair, MJ came back after breaking up with Bobby because he was hiding "things" from her. Read the comic if you really wanna know. It's interesting. - This may result in Bobby Carr being a super-villian in the future. ( personal opinion)

To be unfair, I did not like it because MJ was with Bobby Carr, and was gonna have some "private ceremony with him" ugh.

Below are two images from the comic that summarizes what I think is important.

In my opinion, I think that MJ finally realized that she should not have broken up with Peter. Now she's back, where she belongs, and won't let the "one moment" of being mad at Peter define her life. After all, he is probably the best guy she's ever dated. Just look at what kinda crap Bobby is.

The second story is back in current time, with MJ, the designer for some clothes in NY. She apparently got Peter, Harry and the Reilly girls free tickets for her fashion show. Peter walk out through the show and goes home - where Michelle is.

Important points in this story

  • Harry is dating one of the Reilly girls
  • the raptor, from Amazing Spider-Man annual # 36, is still hunting Peter.
  • Peter starts thinking about Felicia aka the black cat
  • Peter breaks up with Michelle in the strangest way

The Third story is about Harry, who notices that Peter is still crazy over MJ. He tries to get Peter to date other girls. This story highlights the relationship between Peter and Harry. We also learn that Peter does indeed want to move on with his love life. Then again, I think he is trying to help himself forget about MJ.

Bottom line.
  • MJ still loves Peter to some extent.
  • Peter is trying to get over MJ, looking for new girls
  • Raptor is gonna be giving problems soon
  • Harry think the solution to all Peter's problems would be a girlfriend
From this is issue, I can see why Peter would want to jump at his first chance with the Black Cat again.


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