Amazing spider-man #604 review

Posted by bps 11 September 2009

This comic was quite informative so to speak. Reading it felt like reading the daily newspaper Spider-man comic strips. By this I mean that the amazing spider-man comic seems to be taking the longest time possible to move on with the story.

The story starts with the Chameleon blowing up his HQ because he knows he has been found out, although unsure by whom.

Spider-man on the other hand is on Chameleons trail. Apparently he left a Spidey-tracer on Chameleons gun. Just as Spider-man is catching up to the trail, JJ jr, the beloved mayor sends his Spider-squad guys to capture Spider-man.

Fortunately, Spider-man is able to identify a bomb planted by the Chameleon in front of the Spider-squad, leading them to resign on their pointless mission to hunt down the good guy. It has reached the point where everyone is starting to notice how JJ jr. is using the Spider-squad for his own personal interest i.e. get rid of the web-head.

The story goes on to reveal what how the Chameleon has fixed up Peter's personal life. Harry is now happy having fun with Peter's cousins, and MJ is proud of Peter for helping Harry out.

Just when everything seems to be going well, Peter finds out that Michelle and him have apparently become a couple overnight!

Probably the most interesting part of this comic would be the last scene, which I will attach below. Enjoy!


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