Dark Reign: Mr Negative # 3

Posted by bps 09 September 2009

This is the final, most important, and most interesting part to the Mr Negative series. Once again the comic starts exactly where it left off - Spider-man killing Betty Brant.

In this comic, the complete history known up to this point is explained in detail as Betty Brant, after outsmarting Spider-man for a minute, manages to find time to talk to Mrs Li.

Apparently, Mrs Li has much more to share with Betty than first mentioned in issue # 1.

Secondly, we find Mr Negative himself sharing his life story with the Hood as they fight.

Some other very good points in this comic include the fact that Mr Negative is unable to turn the Hood to his side by his evil touch because the Hood himself has become so Dark, that there is nothing left to convert.

We also learn that Spider-man does in fact have a soft spot for Betty Brant, and is able to come out of Mr Negative's control. After all, she was his ex-girlfriend once upon a time.

This issue makes the other two previous worth buying. In one sentence I would say that Dark Reign: Mr Negative is worth the read. It has a reasonably good story line, and explains many previously unanswered questions about Mr Negative and Martin Li. Enjoy it.

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