Amazing Spider-man annual # 36

Posted by bps 04 September 2009

This has to be one of the best Spider-man comics I have read in a long time. Why? Because its the perfect build up for what, anyone who reads it, would call - A big upcoming story

The story begins, "Several years ago" with a man, beating another innocent man and burning his house and family. As it turns out, this person, who is doing the beating, looks exactly like Peter Parker.

Back in the current time line, Peter Parker is struggling to believe that he is sitting down at his aunt's engagement party, in front of his soon to be 'brother-in-law,' Jonah Jameson Jr.

This story obviously takes place before Amazing spider-man # 600.

As it turns out, Jonah Jameson Sr. has prepared a surprise for aunt may - a grouping of all her relatives - the Reillys. In case you did not know, Aunt May's maiden name is May Reily.

After some introduction to his super hot cousins, Peter has to go to the bathroom. Ps. these are the same cousins that the Chameleon, disguised as Peter meets in Amazing Spider-man # 603.

All of the sudden, Peter is attack by this mad man. Peter Parker pushes him out the window, and amazingly, in the time it takes for the attacker to get up, Peter has changed into Spider-man. That is why its called the AMAZING spider-man.

As it turns out, this madman, aka the raptor, is not really a bad guy. Instead, all he wants is justice as he believes Peter is a criminal. We later find out that the Raptor was after a man called Ben Reily.

This has got to be one of the biggest stories coming up in a long time. In case you did not know, Ben Reily was a clone of Peter a couple of years ago. I'll let the image do the talking.

This is a very big story coming up, aka the clone saga, retold in the coming issue:
Spider-man: The Clone Saga #1 (of 6)

Coming 9/30/09


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