Amazing Spider-man # 603 review

Posted by bps 20 August 2009

Quite a good issue I'd say.

Unfortunately, Chameleon does not pretend to be a "Mary Jane." Which leaves us to conclude that marvel just decided to put a really UGLY front page. I think they're tryna make Spidey fans hate Mary Jane.

The only bad thing about it is that there's hardly any appearance of Spider-man. Except for a tiny bit at the end. What good is a Spider-man Comic without Spider-man.

Well, this is a good Spider-man comic- without Spider-man

What happens?

As usual, I'll keep my reviews as simple as possible - the way I like it.

At the end of issue #602, the chameleon has caught Peter Parker, and "killed" him.

Issue # 603, in short is about the Chameleon roaming the streets wearing a Peter mask.

I think Chameleon did a pretty good job being Peter Parker. The Chameleon's exact evil plans are still unknown, although we do get a good idea.

In this issue Chameleon is basically

  • visiting all of Peter's friends.
  • He's very fascinated with all of Peter Parker's beautiful female friends- and taking advantage.
  • He marvels at what a sad life Peter lives
  • He has special interest in Harry Osborn though his intentions to meet him are yet unknown
  • He continues to plan his evil plan

Am I missing anything?

Other points:
  • JJ is back to his Anti Spider-man Squad thing
  • Peter Parker is still alive
  • Chameleon surprisingly didn't do tooo much damage to Peters life..yet, infact, I think he's enjoying it.

Harry: About to be visited by an evil Peter Parker. Does anyone notice that Harry Osborn has been mopping the floor
for the past few issues? No wonder MJ is worried about him


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