Amazing spider-man #602

Posted by bps 14 August 2009

Hi guys! We're here with Spider-man Issue #602
I would just like to highlight a few key points in this issue.
The story isn't all that fantastic. I'll make it really simple

Introduction: The chameleon is back. Spidey isn't doing anything out of the ordinary ( escaping from cops)

Beginning of story: Peter Parker is trying to get a job with JJ the mayor

Middle of story: Chameleon wants to penetrate the mayor's inner circle for some reason

So what does he do: He sees Pete there, knocks him out and makes a Peter Parker mask

Meanwhile: Mj is meeting Harry, and then calls Peter ( who is knocked out) So the chameleon Picks up the phone

Ending conclusion: The new "Peter Parker" sets a date with Mary Jane

So what happens next? Doesn't take much of a genius. Unless Marvel has some super story under here, my predition is that Spider-man is probably gonna get out, meet a strange MJ whom is now the Chameleon. Then he'll realize that this isn't the real MJ. Then he'll save the real MJ. Now we all know that Mary Jane knows about Parkers "secret."

My guess is that before anything can be said between them, Something is gonna come up and nothing important is ever gonna be said.

I soo soo hope my prediction is wrong.

  • Peter Parker gets knocked out by Chameleon

  • MJ calls "Peter Parker"


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