Amazing spider-man # 601

Posted by bps 08 August 2009

The review

In my opinion, I was a little disappointed in this issue. Firstly I did not really like the art work. I mean it was fine, just that I've seen better. As for the story... I suppose this could go somewhere interesting.

The story starts with Peter in bed with a hangover, unable to remember what happened the night before at aunt may's wedding. He eventually remembers MJ was there, but can not recall the conversation.

The next scene is disturbing. Beside Peter, in his bed, is a naked Michelle. For those who do not know who Michelle is, she is Peter Parker's former roommates sister who has been taking care of the apartment since her brother ( the roommate) was sent to jail.

Skip a few scenes and Spider-man is now swinging in NY trying to remember the conversation he had with MJ. He's clearly still mad about her. He finally remembers that they set a time and place to
meet - 8pm.

When he goes there, she doesn't show up. Apparently she's also suffered a worst hangover and only wakes up at 9.20 pm.

To cut it all short, the only exciting thing in the comic to me was this:

  • It is implied at the end of the comic that Mary Jane still remembers Spider-man's secret identity
Which is very important because I'm hoping she somehow remembers everything that happened, tells Peter Parker and everything is back to normal / how it should be.

To left:
Peter waiting for
Mary Jane

To left:
Mary Jane checking to see what Peter has been u


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