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Posted by bps 07 March 2009

Ever wanted to review issues that would be publicly seen online? Do you have articles regarding the current direction of Spider-Man comics you would like to get out there? If you think you can do a decent job reviewing  comics for us, then don't hesitate to contact us.

Further instructions, posting procedures, and screening through of your material will be communicated to you via email. We invite all reader's to take a shot at reviewing Spider-Man related material.

We are constantly looking for people who can:

  • Write articles and word their opinions intermittently on the current direction of comics ( primarily Spider-Man related). It could also include updating Spider-Man related news. ( movies etc )
  • Do game reviews, as we don't really have any consistent reviewers here.  
  • Write comic reviews, with the ability to post them as soon as possible. 
  • Write Spidey-Classics or review old Spider-man arcs ( Anything Prior to ASM 600 )

As a reviewer, people will be able to filter out all of your reviews by simply screening through using the "Authors" drop down menu on the side. 

Authors who have written at least 3 articles will be given a sub-domain URL redirect that will link to all their reviews. 

For eg.

Looking forward to hear from you,
Bryan, of the Spider-Man Reviews Team


Spider-Man Reviews
features as many updates on the latest developments in Spider-Man comics as we can, along with reviews, commentary, news and discussion. Occasionally we try to throw in some game reviews as well.

We're in no way related to Marvel, but do recommend you read their comics.

Drop a comment anywhere you like on the blog, or join the discussion board. Enjoy!

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