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About Spider-Man Reviews: In layman's terms
Started in Sept 09, this site was designed for people who wanted to know about Spider-Man's recent stories, but were too lazy to get the comic.

Spider-Man Reviews, as the name suggests, reviews Spider-Man comics.

Back then..
In all honesty, this site was originally created to record the developments in Spider-Man comics hoping that the after effects of  the controversial storyline, "One More Day," would fix itself.

Amazing Spider-Man #600, which was our first review, marked the first appearance of Mary Jane since "Brand New Day" - the event after "One More Day." (These guys just have the most interesting titles)

What did you just say, and what's up with the "...days?"
For those who do not know Aunt May was shot as a result of Peter Parker's identity being exposed during Civil War. In his trauma he makes a deal with Mephisto, (the devil guy) to exchange his marriage with Mary Jane in return for Aunt May's health.

The events above took place in a comic called 'One more day.' The following issues, titled 'Brand New Day,"  follow Peter Parker, with a healthy Aunt May and a missing Mary Jane, up till issue 600.

As a half hearted Spider-Man fan who wished there was a website to read about what was going on in the Spider-Man comics without actually having to buy the comic, I decided to start Spider-Man Reviews to target other lazy readers like myself, and in doing so, became quite the comic fan myself.

While initially run by one person reviewing only the Amazing Spider-Man comic, today, Spider-Man Reviews tries its best, with the help of our volunteer reviewers, to review all current comics featuring Spider-Man ( If that is possible).

Other Spider-Man related articles appear under our "more comic stuff" tab, including news, thoughts, and the like. Spidey Classics are just reviews of old Spider-Man issues/ arcs, and game reviews are some game reviews!



Spider-Man Reviews
features as many updates on the latest developments in Spider-Man comics as we can, along with reviews, commentary, news and discussion. Occasionally we try to throw in some game reviews as well.

We're in no way related to Marvel, but do recommend you read their comics.

Drop a comment anywhere you like on the blog, or join the discussion board. Enjoy!

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