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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 16 October 2015

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 5
I'll Always Be There For You

In this final issue, we see Hawkeye and his resistance confronting Regent after successfully teleporting through the hole that Sandman created for them. ( see Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 4)

Hawkeye attempts to fire his special arrow designed with Peter's tech from Annie's inhibitor chip. Regent however is able to catch the arrow before it hits him as he now possess spider-sense, which means that Spider-Man is now dead.

Over in Peter's subconscious, Peter relives all the happiest moments in his life as Peter and not his life fighting bad guys as Spider-Man.

Elsewhere, not realizing that Peter is now as good as dead, MJ and Annie continue to find Peter. They bust the control room but are still unable to locate Peter. MJ then instructs Annie to destroy all the booths containing the dead heroes bodies which are supplying Regent with his powers while she suits up using a miniature suit power channeling suit formerly worn by one of the bad guys.

Sensing his powers being destroyed, Regent storms through the wall to face MJ and Annie. Annie's scream for help somehow knocks Peter back to life, causing him to regain his willpower and break through the glass containing him.

Peter then football tackles Regent out the window, down the tower and the two begin to fight head to head. In the meantime, MJ continues to destroy Regent's source of power to give Peter a fighting chance.

Annie jumps to her father's aid, and with the help of the arrowhead from Hawkeye's special arrow, she is able to relieve Regent of his super powers. Regent is eventually defeated by the Parkers who fight him together as a family. By the end of the battle, Peter renews his vow of being a hero.

In the final scene the Parkers are having breakfast, wondering what Regent was talking about when he said that he was empowering himself to defeat the god called Doom. (Secret Wars reference)


The whole series in general was a pretty enjoyable one. When readers first heard about a series called Renew Your Vows , most thought that it had something to do with the marital vows between Peter and Mary Jane. As it turns out however, Marvel very cleverly provided us with nothing but a tease as the story was really about Peter renewing his vow to be a hero once again.

It was neat to see this story come to a happy ending, considering the endless possibilities that could have happened to this non cannon version of Spider-Man.

As mentioned in my previous reviews, it was a little silly that the solution to ending Regent's reign of tyranny lay all along in Peter's inhibitor chip which he had been using for years. Apart from that however, the story was fairly flawless.

Having the happy moments of Peter's life flash before his eyes before death instead of his life as Spider-Man fighting bad guys really highlighted the fact that Spider-Man is defined by Peter Parker and his family and friends, and not so much by his spider-powers. Though we all know this already, it was quite nice to see it again in this issue.

This will be the last review for Amazing Spider-Man volume 3, as from here on, we will be reviewing, the relaunch of the Marvel Universe, following the events Secret Wars, which regrettably was not reviewed on our site due to time constrictions.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 4

Posted by bulletproofsponge 24 September 2015

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 4

Daddy has to go away for a while

This issue focuses a little more on Annie and her perspective on the events that have been taking place. It begins with Annie thinking back on her life and how she was never allowed to use her powers, whether it be for a simple thing like getting a ball from under a car or help her classmate who was being bullied. She recalls how her mother always told her that if she used her powers, the bad men would come and take her away. Now, that moment has become reality.

Mary Jane and Annie find themselves quickly teleported into a secret base - the SHIELD base. As it turns out, they were extracted for safety. Spider-Man was supposed to come along with them but was instead left behind fighting the Sinister Six.

Back at the school, Spider-Man is busy beating the remaining Sinister Six to pulp trying to find out where his family was taken. Sandman eventually reveals himself telling Spidey that he is working with SHIELD and that they have to leave together if he wants to see them. Spider-Man, thinking it is a trick refuses to do as Flint instructs.

 Before Flint can convince his former enemy, Regent arrives at the scene, paralyzing both Spider-Man and Sandman.

Over at SHIELD's hideout, MJ learns that they were teleported so quickly with the help of the SPOT, Spider-Man's old enemy who was attacked by Regent. The result was that the Spot now loses a part of himself every time he teleports. MJ also learns that the new head of SHIELD in the eye-patch is actually Hawkeye who lost his eye in battle against Regent!

There are several familiar face at SHIELD including, Prowler, Mocking Bird, Jarvis and Ben Urich. MJ mentions the inhibitor chips that Peter rigged to keep them safe all the years in mid conversation. Upon hearing thing, Hawkeye insists to see the chips, realizing that it could hold the secret to defeating Regent.

Spider-Man later awakens, still in captive, at Regent's base. There he observes D-Man, the B-class
hero whom he allowed to be attacked a few issues earlier. D-Man was being dissected and experimented on to help the researchers allow Regent to maintain 100% of the powers he absorbs.

Regent then uses his telepathic abilities to creep into Sandman's mind to try to determine the location of SHIELD's hideout. At the hideout, Spot gets to work on trying to replicate the inhibitor chips. Hawkeye plans to use the chip on Regent to inhibit his powers, giving them a chance to stop him. The only thing they need is a sample of his DNA. Unfortunately, soon after they begin devising the plan, the Sinister Six start raiding the hideout.

While in captivity, Regent explains to Spider-Man that he is actually a good man and that the reason he is trying to obtain God Like powers is so he can fight god- namely DOOM! Somehow, Regent was aware of the real situation and that Dr Doom really rules the world. To Peter however, this all obviously sounds like rubbish.

With Regent focusing so much on absorbing Spider-Man's powers, Sandman was able to harness one of Spot's black holes which was in him, creating a black hole at SHIELD's base for them to attack Regent at his own base.

Over at SHIELD, the good guys, with the help of Annie and her powers, were able to stop the Sinister Six. The team, including MJ and Annie then go through the Black Hole towards Regent's stronghold.


Here we can see that the story is finally coming to a predictable close. Once again, as with most five-part miniseries, the ending ends up being a little rushed thanks to some ridiculous amount of luck. In this case, that luck involves the fact that Peter's inhibitor chip held the key to defeat Regent all along.

It was pretty good to see Annie suited up and in action finally. In my opinion though, it was a little ridiculous that she was able to take out so many members of the Sinister Six with such ease, especially since she has absolutely no experience in any form of crime fighting.

I did like that they tied this mini series in briefly to what was actually happening in Secret Wars by mentioning Doom. Over all, still a decent book.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew your Vows # 3

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew your Vows # 3

Calling a Family Meeting

This issue begins with Regent, asking his doctors if he would be able to maintain Spider-Man's powers if he absorbs them like he did for the rest. As it turns out, the powers Regent absorbs from the heroes fade over time. Regent does not want his Spider-Powers to fade like the others should he absorb them as he needs it for the great task  at hand.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man, in his black costume makes a visit to the Tinkerer to ask for some inhibitor chips. The Tinkerer explains that they are banned tech and that they don't even work. Spider-Man assures him however that it would not be an issue. Unfortunately for Spidey, the Tinkerer was already approached by Regent earlier. He soon sounds the silent alarm, causing the Sinister Six to be alerted. In the shadows elsewhere, Sandman, watches as his former friends, the Sinister Six make their way to Spider-Man's direction. He calls SHIELD to inform them of his observations.

The Director of shield, shown in the shadows as a figure with an eye patch, instructs Flint to follow the Sinister Six but remain unseen. Over at the SHIELD headquarters a discussion is being made on whether or not Spider-Man is worth saving since he abandoned them in their final battle against Regent all those years ago.

Over at the Tinkerer's place, Doc Ock tries to take on Spider-Man before his team members arrives. Having no time for games, Spider-Man quickly defeats Doc Ock, almost leaving nothing of him left.

 By the time the rest of the Sinister Six arrive, Spider-Man is long gone, and Doc Ock is in a horrible mess. While most of the team wonders about Spider-Man's news approach and his motives for the non functional inhibitor chips, Kraven immediately understands the situation, knowing that Spider-Man's behavior is due to the fact that he is protecting his "cub," whom he deduces attends the school that Spider-Man had last appeared at.

Back at the Parker home, Annie watches as Jameson slams Spider-Man on TV for ruining everything that the Regent has built. Annie asks her mom about what her Father was like before. MJ explains to her daughter about Peter's Uncle Ben and how he learnt about responsibility.

Peter later returns home with the inhibitor chips and proceeds to fix them with a sample of Annie's DNA ( strand of hair). MJ explains to Peter how the inhibitor chip will not be a permanent solution and that Regent will continue looking for them now that Spider-Man is back. Just then, a recording is played on TV instructing all parents of children attending Annie's school to appear for a screening. Peter gets to work on the inhibitor chip and assures MJ not to worry.

The next morning, Peter, MJ and Annie all arrive early at the former Avengers Mansion for the screening. As expected, the family make it through the scanning undetected. When a young boy however is caught with some powers, the alarms go off. The father of the boy is apprehended thinking he must be Spider-Man. Immediately the Sinister Six, or five now without Ock, begin pouring in. Peter's first instinct is to remain hidden to protect his family. Annie however convinces her father to be the hero he once was. Peter obliges, wanting his daughter to live in a world of heroes. He warns his family that from this moment on, it will be them against the world. Annie however has faith in her father and has no fear.

Peter changes to Spider-Man and makes his first appearance by webbing Hobgoblin's bomb to his hand just as he was about to throw it into the crowd, sending a hand-less Hobgoblin flying into the building.

Mysterio immediately searches the camera footage for the family without a father at the same time of Spider-Man's appearance to locate Spider-Man's wife and child. The crowd below wonder why Spider-Man s fighting Regent's men as many of them truly believe that Regent is a hero. While Spidey fights the remaining Sinister Six, he witnesses his wife and child being kidnapped by two people in uniform.


The final scene of this issue truly leaves the reader wanting to know what happens in the next issue. The story is well written portraying Spider-Man, no longer as friendly neighborhood hero, but rather a no-nonsense hero who is serious about getting to business as quickly as possible, looking out for his family as his most important responsibility first.

Annie's innocence and admiration for her father is exactly what Peter needs to push him back into the superhero business. Not knowing well enough about the danger she faces, Annie wants to do whatever she can to help her father with her powers. With MJ and Annie kidnapped however, Spider-Man will probably go from being the unfriendly neighborhood Spider-Man to the Ruthless Spider-Man.

The fact that this story takes place in an alternate timeline makes the possibilities endless. There is no need to keep Spider-Man as a good hero by the end of the story. If anything were to happen to his family, the writers would not think twice to put Spider-Man in a deep depression, sending him off the deep end.

With this in mind, us readers are left even more curious, wondering what would happen next. There are also a number of unanswered questions from this issue which will probably be revisited in the issues ahead such as the identity of the new leader of SHIELD, and what great task Regent was referring to when he was asking about his retention of Spider-Man's powers when he absorbs them

Regardless, there are a number of things that make this book extra enjoyable. Firstly, it is always great to see that Spider-Man can, and could have kicked everyone's ass whenever he wanted if he didn't hold back.

Second, the dynamics between Peter and his innocent daughter is great to see and read and this is something we never got to see in the canon story line.

Finally, Peter, happily married to Mary Jane, despite the circumstances is always going to be a good read.

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 20.1

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 20.1

Spiral: Part: 5

This is the final story in the five part series involving Captain Watanabe's Spiral down from hero to anti-hero. 

The issue begins with Spider-Man and the police busy trying to stop crime all day in the Third Precinct. Spidey has a hard time understanding why so much crime is taking place all in one day in the same place. Felicia eventually fills him in while fighting him. She compares the criminal underworld to a Jenga Puzzle. Spider-Man and Wraith's activities over the last few days removed too many pieces from the Jenga Puzzle all at once, thus causing it to crash down all at once. 

Spider-Man, as usual does not fight back when attacked by the Black Cat and instead lets her go as he has to focus his attention on Mr Negative. 

Over at Mr Negative's hideout, a meeting is taking place with his inner demons. Wraith crashes the party, surprising Negative when she informs him that she had killed Donald, one of his inner demons. She then continues to state that she is here to kill Negative as well. Upon hearing this, Mr Negative runs for his life, instructing his demons to stop her. 

Just then, Spider-Man drops in, helps fight the bad guys and confronts Wraith once and for all. Wraith finally gets around to convincing Spider-Man that she is past saving and that he is wasting his time. She tells him that Yuri Watanabe is dead and all that is left is Wraith. Spider-Man finally lets himself believe that his friend is truly lost and carries on to stop Wraith from killing Negative. 
Spidey swings in to pull Wraith out of the crowd, not to save her, but to save the innocent civilians whom Wraith would probably beat without thinking twice. He then knocks Wraith out with a single punch and webs her up for later. 

Shortly later, Spidey catches up to Mr Negative and again knocks with out with a single punch. Though outwardly, it seems like the day was a success having stopped the bad guys, Spider-Man feels that he has failed his friend Yuri. He concludes that everything in this world turns, round and round, in a spiral, either going up, down, or round and round. 


I have to admit that somehow at the back of my mind I figured that Yuri Watanabe would eventually come out at the end of this story to be the hero that she once was. Unfortunately, the story had a slightly darker ending to what I had expected. Nevertheless, changing her into an Anti Hero was not the worst thing to happen. Her personality, costume, and name perfectly suits the description of an anti hero anyway. 

I thought that both Wraith and Mr Negative being knocked out by a single punch was a little much. We get that Spider-Man is much stronger and usually just holds back, but for him to catch and stop both Wraith and Mr Negative so quickly was a little unrealistic considering the build up for this story. 

Overall, this whole mini series was good for fans of the Wraith. As a Spider-Man Fan, and certainly not one of Mr Negative, this story was a little dry with quite a sad and strangely realistic ending about life for a comic book. If it was not for the occasional appearance of the Black Cat in this five part mini series, I would say that there was nothing really compelling me to buy this five part mini series.


Secret Wars: Spider-Island # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 16 July 2015

This issue features two stories, the first being Spider-Island, and the second about Spider-Girl, now going by the name Spider-Woman after the events of Spider-Verse

Much like the "Renew Your Vows" storyline, the first story takes place on Battleworld, a place where fragments of different worlds exist.

In this world however, the Spider-Island story line did not end the same way as that of the 616 universe.

The Story

Part One: Altered States

In this world, the Spider-Queen took over Manhattan and Spider-Man and the other heroes were unable to stop her. Spider-Man died in battle, while almost everyone else transformed into spiders, including the superheroes.

We learn that the virus mutated so that it was able to affect super humans. As such, heroes like Captain America, The Hulk, Ms Marvel and etc all bent to the will of the Spider-Queen.

The remaining rebels include Agent Venom, Spider-Woman, The Vision, and Jack Russel - man by day, werewolf by night. In this situation however, Jack Russel becomes a Spider by day, and Werewolf by night. During the night, he is able to take control of his mind and is, as such, acting as a spy for Agent Venom to try to learn what the Spider-Queen is planning.

The issue starts with Venom and Vision on a mission to get supplies for the remaining human civilians. By nightfall, Jack Russel turns to his werewolf state and helps Venom fight  the spiders while Vision escapes. After the battle, before the two part ways, Jack Russel informs Venom of a vague memory he recalls from his spider state about a cure being held at Horizon Labs.

Back at the hideout, Agent Venom informs Spider-Woman and Vision of what Jack Russel told him. He also fills Spider-Woman on his last resort plan which he had been secretly working on for a while now. Despite having suspicions that the "cure" might be a trap, the heroes decide that they no longer have anything to lose and should try to get the cure if it does exist.

Later than night, the three heroes and a handful of military men head to Horizon Labs to try to extract the cure. At Horizon Labs, Agent Venom makes a quick detour to get a vile of something. As it turns out, Jack Russel was working as a double agent and the "cure" was indeed bait to trap them. The three are soon faced against Spider-Hulk, Captain Spider-America and Ms Spider Marvel.

Fortunately, Agent Venom had planned for such a situation. Both he and Vision quickly place and inject the Godstone and Dr Michael Morbius blood into both Cap America and Ms Marvel respectively, while Spider-Woman used her pheromones on the Hulk to calm him down. Vision then feeds the Hulk Dr Connors Lizard Serum, in hope to rewrite the DNA of all three former heroes and possibly release them from the Spider-Queen's mind control.

After having their DNA compromised by the special objects, Capt America, Ms Marvel, and the Hulk turn into a Werewolf, Vampire, and giant Lizard respectively.

The story ends on a cliffhanger as Agent Venom and his team wonder if their plan to release their friends from the Spider-Queen's control worked or if they simply made their enemies even stronger than they already were.


Personally, I think its pretty obvious that Venom's plan is going to work. The logic is not flawed. All three of the former heroes will certainly break free of the Spider-Queen's control. Whether or not they will be able to control themselves or become mindless beasts is another question.

Ms Marvel and Cap will probably very soon begin craving for blood, while the Hulk will probably follow his Lizard instinct to become the dominant species and destroy all the spiders.

The thing about alternate universe's is that the writer realizes the readers are not quite as attached to the characters as in the cannon stories. As such, he is free to make drastic changes and kill important characters ( like Spider-Man in a series called Spider-Island).

Capt A, Ms Marvel and Hulk are most likely going to live in their new forms permanently as there is really no cure for their transformation that we know of. If anything like this was to happen in the cannon Marvel universe, fans would go crazy, not to mention the drop in sales. These alternate universes provide a platform to experiment and try something new with major characters without having the side effects.

As such, being a reader myself, I don't really share too much connection to these characters thus reducing the anticipation to know what will take place in this alternate world.

The star of this story is Agent Venom more than anyone else. If you're an Agent Venom fan, then this would probably be a good book to get. For Spider-Man fans, it wouldn't hurt to save some bucks and skip it.

Story 2
Mayday Parker: Spider-Woman in Shattered

The issue begins with Mayday, now as Spider-Woman, using her father's old costume design, fighting crime. No one seems to notice the change however and everyone still refers to her as Spider-Girl.

She wonders if she did the right thing in allowing Daemos to live as part of her still wishes she had killed him, against all that her father would have wanted her to do. ( Her father, Peter Parker was killed in the events of Spider-Verse)

Spider-Woman confides with Cassie, also known as the Stinger about her troubles. Over at the Avenger's Mansion, Henry Pym Jr, aka Big Man comes storming in to warn Scott Lang that Cassie, his daughter is in serious trouble.

Jumping back to Spider-Woman and Stinger, the two are sitting on a roof chatting when they are attacked by the "Dream Team," led by a woman in a Captain America Costume going by the name American Dream.

In a separate scene, that I'm not sure why is in this comic, we randomly see Mary Jane, with Uncle Ben and Baby Ben, running a shop selling Spider-Man merchandise. Uncle Ben makes a passing comment about telling May they can share the burden since he too has spider-powers.

Finally, returning to Spider-Woman for the third time, we see her holding her own against her attackers who claim that she is an imposter who killed Spider-Man. Things are all going okay until Stinger is suddenly compromised and begins attacking Spider-Woman as well, calling her an imposter too!


This issue is definitely a must read for Spider-Girl fans. I'm not sure why it did not just appear in a separate issue as this has absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Island. As we all know, her series has been discontinued for a while now, and the last we saw of her was in Spider-Verse. Here we have a new original story, by the original team keeping us updated of the latest developments with Spider-Girl, after she has adopted the name Spider-Woman.

As for the story, I can't say I was too impressed. Up to this point, the whole thing seems a little messy and confusing. It should clear up a little by the next issue though. Not being a huge fan of the MC2 universe also doesn't help. If there is one gripe I have with this universe, it is that every other character is someone's daughter, or son from the 616 universe.

Regardless, for fans of the MC2 universe, this is highly recommended!


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